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So what is an Umbrella Company?

We will do all your Tax and NI calculations, we will provide you with statutory sick pay and maternity/paternity benefits and also pay you holiday pay. We do all the agency invoicing as well, in fact all you need to do is “Take a break”, sit back and “let us do all the hard work for you

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Frequently asked questions

Are you new to contracting?

Upperlimt(UK) has over 15 years of ensuring contractors meet the ever changing legislation, remain compliant, while retaining as much of their contract rate as possible

Frequently asked questions

ECOS - Car Ownership Scheme

A tax efficient way to own and drive a new car

Employee Car Ownership Scheme

Employee Car Ownership (ECO) can provide both your company and its employees with a tax efficient alternative to company cars and can offer a flexible employee benefit.

Using this method, neither the employee nor the employer are subject to any company car tax or National Insurance Contributions on the benefit.

Mortgage application letters

Is your lender asking for proof of employment?

We can help you with this

UpperLimit(UK) will be happy to provide you with letters for the lender proving your employment and income.

Other Contractor Payroll solutions may put you in the position where you need to provide accounts to prove your income!

We give you one less thing to worry about

Do You Have Insurance

Do you have Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance Cover?

We've got you covered!

As a contractor you will need to prove to the end user that you have both.

Our policy will cover you for:

Professional Indemnity

Up to £1 000 000

Public Liability 

Up to £1 000 000